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What is canvas and its usage?

08/10/2011 02:36:52 - from E-CanvasBags

Canvas is an extremely heavy-duty plain-woven fabric used for making sails, tents, marquees, backpacks, and other items for which sturdiness is required. It is also popularly used by artists as a painting surface, typically stretched across a wooden frame. It is also used in such fashion objects as handbags and shoes.


Ways to Maintain Canvas bag

07/26/2011 02:24:47 - from E-CanvasBags

Canvas bags should be protected from hard scratching. Even a little scratch can cause greater damage to the bag after long-time use because of the close knitted seam and stitch of the fabric.


So i highly recommend this Travel Carry-on Duffle Bag

07/16/2011 09:00:35 - from E-CanvasBags

As time goes on, the economy has developed rapidly, more and more people like traveling. Especially when the holiday comes, but What we should do before starting a traveling? Go to prepare for it. Such as: a duffel bag which can holds everything you need, but The bag should attach importance to the practicability, not only for decoration, as it must stand the bad weather or unexpected situation on the road.


Canvas travel bags, Multi-pocketsIt can meet all your recreational and traveling needs

07/11/2011 10:04:56 - from E-CanvasBags

You are always very hardworking. It is time for you to take all your family to have a relax on weekend. but at first, you need a compact bag that you can just everything inside and carry it along. This bag should be capacious, sturdy and durable. We need to keep all the factors in mind. there was a time that travel bags was just to be considered a need, but now carrying the stylish and trendy travel bag has become a personality statement. so canvas travel bags are more and more popular.


Choose a best duffle bag for travel

07/05/2011 09:04:43 - from E-CanvasBags

Usually it is very difficult to choose gifts. But let us consider one thing: what can make them feel happy and relaxed? Traveling is a good idea. but it is very important to prepare a bag which can loaded all the things needed in the journey for them. This bag should be durable. Cleanable and practical. Right, canvas bag is a good selection.