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History of Canvas Fabric

Date: 05/29/2011 11:31:43

Canvas a coarse thick cotton fabric, beacause the eighth century North Ouwei Beijing people  named it for the sail originally . So, some people think that canvas and sailing should be at the same time, but in fact not the case. Very long historical development of canvas,  Roman times canvas has been widely used. As a multi-strand woven canvas, so the texture color fastness, abrasion resistance, tight thick, heavy-duty,when the Romans first used it when making Falconry wristband. Closely woven thick canvas also has good water resistance, eventually the Romans use it tp make the march a large number of tents.

Canvas has abrasion fastness properties, so later the first modern parachute is made from the canvas, the first modern football is made of canvas, the fifteenth century, the world's first painting is also made of thick wear-resistant canvas .In early sixteenth century, traders brought to the Americas, canvas bag has become the yearning for freedom,  adventurous people's favorite, then there is also the world's first pair of jeans sewn made of canvas, then the world's first pair of canvas sneakers means the birth of a new period , canvas began closer to people's daily lives.

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In China, the sixties and seventies of last century, army green canvas bag into a stylish product manual. With development in technology, textile technology has been greatly improved, increasing the types of canvas, applied more widely. The twenty-first century into the period of environmental protection, green canvas fabric that has been more recognition, canvas although there is not enough publicity and show off, but a little more casual and low key, new ideas will carry the new canvas fashion philosophy, into the fashion field.

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